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I'm now in SAn Francisco Apple Store. Finally I couldn't get a iMac to try OS X, the operating system of Mac. I have used it for about 20 minutes so, only some perceptions. Graphics are incredible. I'm on a IMacG5 with a 20' display and it's really nice to work on it.

But I miss my linux/windowmaker. It's not so cool but it is faster and I'm get on it. iMac is a little expensive but has the advantage that you have almos all software you need. Desktop is beautiful and you have all staff by hand through nice icons. Also, I noticed that it is some slow when starting applications and accessing filesystem.

But iPod and mini iPod are really the best device here. You can find whatever device you think about: sorround system, earbuds, batteries, etc. Yesterday, a housemate bought a pink one for 249USD. Cool device.

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