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On thursday I went to Rassela Club, a nice jazz club with live music and an excelent place to have dinner or to take some drink. If you want a romantic date or a nice talking with friends, this place is pretty good. It has good music but you can talk with your partner/s and have a great meeting. It has also good menu ( prices about less than $25/each), enough place to sit and good service.

It is in Filmore St @ Geary Boulevard, actually, in 1534 Fillmore St San Francisco. If you live in Berkeley it's better to get a car up to there. Actually, people here thinks that everybody has a car. In fact, I think that all country was made thinking in cars, not to pedestrians. It seems to be a car society. So, if you don't have a car, like me, you should take a Muni bus (number 38) in Trans Bay Terminal that can leave you in Geary with Filmore. Afterwards, you should cross Geary and go on Filmore, cross the street and get into the Club.

Rassela Club is a nice place to listen to live music. They have two stages, one in the entrance and another one inside, only for concerts. I enjoyed a lot taking some drinks ($3 without alcohol and more than $5 for cocktails) and listening to six musicians playing drums, latin drums, trumpet, bass, saxo and chelo.

There were some couples, some groups of friends and also some people alone, sitting on their two couches, warming themselves by the fireplace and with the music. The band was playing more than an hour with a break. On Thursday they had, also, for a $10 entry-fee, a concert . This concert was to help funding the 3rd Inversion Jazz Cafe at Burning Man 2005. Finally, I didn't realize about this concert because was inside the place.

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