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My interview with Tom Mcnichol was taking a glass of lemonade in Cal Bears Bar, near Cesar Chavez Center. This kind of interview represents what I like most in Berkeley. You can spend a good time talking with a teacher. It could be a trivial thing but doing that in Spain (unless in my University) it is strange. Perhaps too much ego, not all but mostly, in spanish-university teachers

Tom McNichol has been a member of CCSF faculty since 1984 and has been teaching in UC Berkeley some course of ESL program. So he has been teaching for 20 years ago. He got his B.A. at Bucknell University and his M.A. at San Francisco State University. He lives in Oakland with his wife and his three daughters.

He speaks very well Spanish and he is learning now Italian. One of his goals now it is to travel to Italy with his family. I'm sure it will be next year. He lived in Spain almost two years, several months in Argentina and several weeks in Peru so he knows also latinamerica. Now his traveling goal is to know more about Italy.

He likes Berkeley and his special spirit even though, as ESL courses are not offered in Spring/Fall Semesters now, he teaches in San Francisco University. Also, Tom has another big passion and also another work: basketball. He used to play as profesional and now he works as a assistant coach for the CCSF basketball team.

He got used to play a lot and very good, in university and like a profesional. He also spent a good time in Spain playing with a important basketball team (Estudiantes) during almost two years.

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