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grassroot (adj)
Context: "... who need the services: grassroots fundings, not infraestructure creation"
Guess Meaning: principal, essential (NO!)
Dictionary Definition: relating to or involving the ordinary people in an organization, rather than the leaders
My own context: We must pay one dollar to our company grassroots

enshrine (v)
C: " but they are not get enshrined in our brains"
G.M: get into deeply
D.D: if something such as an idea is enshrined in something, it is preserved and protected as a law or in a contitution
M.O.C.: Fidelity is enshrined in Amish lives

fateful (v)
C: " It was a fateful document"
D.D: having an important, usually bad, effect on future events
M.O.C.:You have got crazy after that fateful accident

trade off (v)
C: " ... and when they disagree, they trade off"
G.M: finding a balance
D.D: if two or more people trade off, they each do something sometimes so that they share work fairly
M.O.C: My roommate and me, normaly trade off about cleaning the room, so we could get friendly.

haul (n)
C: "but over the long haul, he gets ..."
D.D: the long time that it takes to achieve something
M.O.C: After the long haul, we could pass ESL class with good grade.

These are from my classmates,as shown in Blackboard Forums

Original Sentence: The myth begins with enlightenment, and the first one goes like this.
My Definition: making something obvious.
Dictionary Definition: the state of understanding something clearly, or the act of making someone understand something clearly
My Own Sentence: By the effort of the government, the level of enlightenment could be increased.

OS: What is the electorate like from a cognitive point of view?
MD: some kind of people..
DD: all the people who are allowed to vote in an election
MOS: We have definitely equal right to vote as a holy electorate!

OS: This mollifies, even attracts, the people in the middle who might have qualms about you.
MD: lure or persuade somebody with information (or fakes)
DD: to make someone feel less angry and upset about something
MOS: He can mollify her with a beautiful and expensive ring.

OS: This mollifies, even attracts, the people in the middle who might have qualms about you.
MD: oppositeness on opinion or thinking
DD: a feeling of slight worry because you are not sure that what you are doing is right
MOS: Here is new strategy for our team! You can throw away your qualms now!

Correlation (n)
- p.16 in Lakoff, When the amount of research money spent by the right over a period of time is compared with the amount of media time during that period, we see a direct correlation.
- D.D: a relationship between two ideas, facts, etc. especially when one may be the cause of the other. [ a strong/high/direct correlation] + [between]
- ex : In Korea, there's a strong correlation between house prices and good schools.

Instantiate [verb]
- p.17 in Lakoff, Neuroscience tells us that each of the concepts we have is instantiated in the synapses of our brains.
-d.d; deeply established
- ex ; It's hard to think about pizza without coke, because they are instantiated in my brain.

alienate (v)
Original Sentence: It alienates the progressive base.
Definition: to do something that makes someone unfriendly or unwilling to support you.
My Sentence: Her rude behavior alienates many of her co-workers.

trivial (a)
O.S.: It is more than just control of the media.
My Definition: various but not necessary
Def: unimportant or of little value
M.S.: Don't waste your time on trivial matters.

O.S.: What replaces the public school system is a voucher system to support private schools.
Def: an official statement or receipt that is given to someone to prove that their accounts are correct or that money has been paid.
M.S.: I can vouch for his honesty. (vouch: verb)

horrendous (adj)
O.S.: It puts out there a frame of abortion as a horrendous procedure, when most operations ending pregnancy are nothing like this.
M.D.: horrible, enormous
Def: frightening and terrible. Extremely unreasonable or bad
M.S. His horrendous story makes me feel sick.

wonk (n)
O.S. Drop the language of policy wonks.
M.D.: expert
Def: someone who works hard and is very serious
Policy wonks: people interested in details of government
M.S. Sometimes it might be good to be a wonk for pursuing your

reference:Are Alterman and Bozell dense about the new politics or just loyal opparachiks.
Dic:(informal)not able to undestand things easily;STUPID
my sentense:you are dense to understand what i mean.
my definition:create new points of view

reference:USATODAYis middle-of-the-road,properly skeptical,yet generally upbeat.
Dic:having doubts about whether sth is true, right or good.
my sentense:having skeptical in every news you received is a good way to define bias.
my definition:neutral

reference:"Vaccine for AIDS shows promise"
Dic:a substance which contains a weak form of BACTERIA or VIRUS that causes a disease and is used to protect people from that disease.
my sentense:that new coming vaccine will help a lot of people who is suffering.
my definition:a medicine to cure AIDS

reference:there's too much tilt toward the left-wing agenda.
Dic:a situation in which someone prefers one person ,belief etc.,or in which someone prefers one person etc.
my sentense:here's a tilt in one certain media network.
my definition:misunderstanding

reference:the ongoing sermons about media bias from right and left stink mostly because the rely on the ideological frameworks constructed by the bias hunters of the early '70s.
Dic:(informal)a talk in which someone tries to give you unwanted moral advice.
my sentense:these sermons they talked about really bored me .
my definition:situation

polemical , adj
definition : involving dispute or controversy
setence : I like to watch a polemical show.

alleged , adj
definition : to state something as a fact but without giving proof
setence : He is the alleged murderer

irrefutable ,adj
definition : that cannot be proved wrong and that must therefore not accepted.
sentence : It is irrefutable evidence that he was there at that time

savvy , n or adj
definition : practical knowledge or understanding of something
sentence : He has useful business savvy.

haul , verb
definition : to pull sth/sb with a lot of effort.
sentence : the wagons were hauled by horses.


Original Sentence: You people are too smart to change your minds about a bedrock...
My Definition: robust
Definition of Dictionary: a strong base for sth, especially the fields or the principles
My Sentence: I have bedrock trust for him


O.S: While some conservatives actually believe their own grumbles, the...
M.D: wrong belief
D.D: something that you complain about becuase you are not satisfied....
M.S: I don't care your grumle anymore

compunction (n)

O.S: ..Nervertheless Kristol apparently feels no compunction about....
M.D: guilty
D.D: a feeling of guilty about doing sth
M.S: He has no compunction about saying so.

initiative (n)
.The Medicare bill was another slippery slope initiative.
.the ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for someone to tell you what to do.
.You shouldn't keep asking for advice, you should use your initiative.

frivolous (adj)
.The issue appears to be eliminating "frivolous lawsuit"-
.not serious or sensible, especially in a way that is not appropriate for a particular occasion.
.You shouldn't waste your time on frivolous games.

infrastructure (n)
.You build infrastructure.
.the basic systems and structure that a country or organization needs in order to work well, for example roads, communications, and banking systems.
.After the Second World War, the countries in Europe started rebulding its infrastructure.

establish (v.)
.Eventually,the frame will be establish.
.to start a company, organization, system etc. that is intended to exist or continue for a long time.
.My high school was established in 1945.

candidate (n.)
.Liberal and progressive candidates tend to follow...
.someone who is being considered for a job or is competing to be elected.
.John is the leading candidate for his party.

Dictionary Definition: a ceremony that is always performed in the same day, in order to mark an important religious or social occasion
(my meaning) word
(original sentense) There were no rituals around greif.
(example) Bon dance festival is a Japanese traditional ritual that is held in August.

(D.d) to have a strong and very bad smell
(my meaning)
(original sentense) The ongoing sermons about media bias from right and left stink mostly because they rely on the ideological frameworks constructed by the bias-hunters of the early '70s.
(example) If you leave the food outside of the fridge, it will stink.

(D.D) to react to something by looking upset or moving slightly, especially because you are in pain or embarrassed
(my meaning) hesitate
(original sentense)'s average TJFKNAL willingly speed-dials the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, or Cato Institute without wincing - in most cases without labeling the organization as right-leaning.
(example) He winced when he saw a child crying loud in a crowded train.

-conservatives have charged
-for decades conservatives have changed that a liberal bias dominated the press.
-VERB When the police charge someone, they formally accuse them of having done something illegal.
- They have the evidence to charge him...

-liberalism is mainstream
- N-COUNT : usu sing, usu with supp
People, activities, or ideas that are part of the mainstream are regarded as the most typical, normal, and conventional because they belong to the same group or system as most others of their kind.
-people outside the economic mainstream...

If you commission something or commission someone to do something, you formally arrange for someone to do a piece of work for you.
-You can commission them to paint something especially for you.

- work the refs
- The ref in a sports game, such as football or boxing, is the same as the referee.
- The ref gave a penalty and Zidane scored.

-pandering to liberal
If you pander to someone or to their wishes, you do everything that they want, often to get some advantage for yourself.
-He has offended the party's traditional base by pandering to the rich and the middle classes.

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