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Taken from DTE
" ... started asking what the different groups of conservatives had in common and whether they could agree to deisagree in order to promote a general conservative cause"That's one of the strenghness of right wing. A conservative party only works if uses strict father model, and every group follow the main strategic ideas of the party. I don't know really well right wing in USA, but I think is the same that in our country (Spain), so I agree with Lakoff that conservative, in general, show themselves as a unity. This, perhaps, has an inheritance of last century movements, near fascism, or can explain why fascism have worked in some years of our history
They started magazines and think tanks, and invested billions of dollars.In Europe, I think that magazines an universities are more left wing. So it is, I Think, here in the States. So, even though, I'm agree with Lakoff, I think that it is a complain, perhaps the problem is why left wing doesn't get the best of its think tanks (universities, writers, some media) and not only critize the right wing policies. But, I agree that convervatives have been very well positioned, in media world.
"But we know from cognitive science that people do not think like that. People think in frames"
"They are not stupid. They are winning because they are smart. They understand how people think and how people talk. They think"
This is the main idea of the book. I'm agree, but perhaps 2nd phrase it's too left biased.
"People don't vote in their self-interest. They vote their identity.Very smart appreciation. We follow something, and it is our identity. For that framing is very important. It is important to define a moral, a complete set of values, of ideas, and so, a frame where We can find our identity. That's the goal, and that's the manipulation.
There are many different aspects of life, and many people live by one family-based model in one prt of their lives and another in another part of their lives I'm agree. The point is that nurturant model needs mature individuals to become real. It dependes of the person itself.
Lakoff uses two very good metaphors about how to change thinking about taxUses two very good examples. Also he shows that it is necessary to reinforce the message, in a repeating way to, in the long haul, get the mind change.
"They do not have time to plan. They do not have time to think long-term. They do not have time to think beyond their particular issues. They are all good people, intelligent, committed people. But they are constantly on the defensive."This is take from strategical plans. So that's the differences from who decides strategies (commonly executives) and who does task (commonly grassroots employees). Curiosly, it exists a relation between this corporate thinking and way of doing politics.
Also, recomends a more proactive action and not merely passive. That it is a question of resources, of fundings.
Also, Lakoff, focus discussion in human capital, talent. Manage Knowledge is also a key in a corporate, in a social group, so also in politics. But I think that left wing has innate capacity to share knoledge, the problem is to push it in society, not only in closed-circles of intellectual "geeks".
Strategic Iniciatives.Lakoff shows how grants works to atract young talent and to make sure of grant future ideas. Also some iniciatives for the left wing.
"Here are twelve iniciatives that progressives can do ..."This is a good summary of all chapter.
Taken form MAM
Debate between Eric Alterman and Brent Bozell and Jack Schafer ArticleAll the interview focused in answer the question: is media more liberal or more convervative? It seems to be and endless debate.
Jack Schafer explains some differences between USA and EU and analyze the debate. He also shows how the opinion about media has been changind during last years, and how it is more difficult today, lining up journalists.
Al Neuharth: Why your news is sometimes slantedWith a touch of satirical tone, this brief article, shows the difference between some media in USA. It is simple, but I like this article.
Lakoff readings are about techniques to doing bias in media, and MAM readings are about messages in media. So, two different types of reading but always over the same theme: bias in the media.
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