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Taken from DTE:
"Powerful anti-Bush message message was not enough"
"Many American voted their moral identity and values"
Mr Takoff is talking about Democrat Defeat in last US Elections. He tries to show how conservative side (right wing) have appropriated the values of US, so they could win Elections.
"determining our values and reframing the political debate"Mr Lakoff shows a how-to, a way to make a social change, a long-term social change. Question is making diagnose and, from there, changing debate
"when you control the language, you control the message, and the corporate media does the rest"
"People make decisions about politics and candidates based on their value system, and the language and frames that invoke those values"
So, we get again with media, but as a another perspective. Changing the language we can change values, so we can change decisiones. Reframing could be changing language.
"Frames are mental structures that shape the way we see the world"
"When you hear a word, its frame is activated in your brain"
This is the author definition of frames.

Take from MAM:

"can help us understand how stories are constructed and how true objective is a phantom"
"writer must then make decissions about what details to include"
This book is most centered in media so talks about bias. Bias and Frame are going to be related, although are different in other things.
"into answering the why question, journalism ventures into contentious territory"
"reporters and editors will often decide what th real story behind a story"
Answering the Why question we are getting into a difficult territory. Giving details makes us biased, and, perhaps, gives a frame to maintain the debate.
Values, Frames, language (DTE)
Bias, W-questions, message (MAM)

My Opinion

I don't know very well the political situation in USA, so I don't have an opinion. I'd be able to compare with political situation of my country, so from that side I'll do my explanation.

In USA, most polls gives democratic party, victory in 2004 Elections. In 2005 March, most polls gives convervative party, victory. Two similar cases in two similar countries (making off differences). Why? I'm agree with Lakoff that framing is important, and also values. Perhaps he is talking about more emotional aspects in the voting-decision. In USA about moral values, in Spain about Iraq war decision. In any cases, although differente situations, It seems to be that We (voters) are not interesting in economics, social welfare, healthy system, employment system and so. We (that decides) are influences for emotional aspects (values, fears ...) that condition our vote.
USA and Spain, differences in that in Spain, Conservative party had very good indicators (related with UE), and in USA, Republicans have very poor indicators (some really very, very bad). But, different situation, why? Framing perhpas.
And in two cases was the influence of the media. In USA most press seems to be more liberal, and in Spain the info management post-attack was fundamental in Liberal victory.

I'm agree with authors about importance of debate frame, bias in media and making values in political debate.

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