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On July 7th, I went to see two footages about Cuba. One was "Hasta la Victoria Siempre" about some aspects of Che Guevara, the 60's myth of socialist revolution. The other movie was called "The Greening of Cuba" and was about the use of organic techniques to improve production. With these techniques they are trying to get the best of their resources.

The venue was very curious. You can reach Artists' Television Access in 992 Valencia Street @ 21st. Their telephone number is (415) 824-3890. You can browse more info about the organizer at . It is like a little theatre with a lot of seats all together. We were about 80 people, including some classmates: SungMin, Patrick and GyuMin.

Movies were too much bias for me. I have lived six years in Latin America and one of the myths I lost there was all these propaganda specially demagogic one. This movies also, even with some slanted language, can show you some nice aspects of how cubans think and feel. But, you should look at these movies and above all you should go there and see with your eyes what's happen in Cuba. You should talk with people in the street. You will enjoy and you will be able to understand the goodies and cons about socialist revolution.

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