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(Algunas entradas las haré en inglés, para practicar un poco, sólo las que tengan títulos en inglés9

Our class it is going to be funny, perhaps a little tough due to the amount of homework. All days we have homework, today we had to choose an issue (an controversial issue) to make an editorial for a newspaper. The main goal of the course is to make, at the end of summer session, one complete newspaper, or perhaps two.

This morning, David came up with a brainstorming with controversial topics, then He makes the decision for everyone. Children and Computers" was mine, I'm now working on that.

Also, I'd like to go to San Francisco and, probably this afternoon I'll go to an event about Cuba, so I'll be able to visit Latin Neightbordhood

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Blog Mi estancia en Berkeley (Summer Sessions 2005)

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